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We all know someone we want to challenge!  

Maybe it's a family member, colleague or classmate?

Now is your chance!

Our cross country terrain of forests, hill climbs and river crossings are testing, demanding and exhilarating for you and your companions. 

Don't forget the younger ones!

We provide two types of quads, one suitable for 10 year olds or over and the other one for 16 year olds or over depending on the capacity.  Both our tracks are set up to challenge skills and ability of each level. 

We will help you prepare for the challenge!

The “Easy Run” is a track that prepares everyone for the back track. Having a lot of jumps and bends and long straight parts, it remains a challenge for racers that find it difficult to pass Caoimhe’s Corner. “A Trek in the Wild” is a slightly more difficult back track that has sudden bends, dips, jumps, steep-inclines and knife-edge. 

Geared up. Helmets on. Take the lead!