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Is it safe?

Quads:All motor sports have a risk factor attached. Our tracks are constructed in such a way to minimise the risk but to keep the track daring for our users also. Any person found driving in a manner that is likely to put their lives or the lives or others at risk will be removed or put off the track for a period of time. 

Lazer Wars:Yes Lazer Wars is safe. The main hazard being tripping/colliding with others when running. Lazer Wars is played in a forest, so the obvious hazards arise accordingly. 


General Regulations:

Lazer Wars: Age limit 8 years old.

Quads: 90cc Quads - have to be 10 years or over to get on them; 250 Quads - have to be over 16 to get on theses. No previous driving experience is required. You have to sign a waiver before you start, adhere to speed limits on course, any health issues (asthma, back, knee injuries or recent surgeries to tell staff), must keep a safe distance fom the quad in front of you, no drinking or drug-taking before arrival at IQS. If asked to leave, do leave from the track. Continue to drive in an unsafe manner or enganger others, we will have to ask you to leave. 


What should we wear?

Quads:We provide overalls for the quad biking, but we cannot guarantee that you will remain clean after, so we advise that you bring spare clothes-Just in case!! Wellingtons is also provided, (Please Note that Wellingtons can be worn for the Lazer Wars-but we give first priority to the Quad Biking Users-depending on bookings) 

Lazer Wars:Comfortable footwear is a must, Old trainers or hiking footwear would be ideal. 


Opening Times:

All depends on bookings. 
Please give notice one day in advance.
We are able to open later in the evenings in the Summer compared to Winter. 



We do not charge for cancelling a booking, but out of courtesy we would appreciate you call and inform us even if it is last minute cancellation. 



If you are running late please call to inform us. We should be able to schedule a later time depending on bookings. If we are running late and behind schedule, we will call you to avoid the delay on arrival. 


Can we bring our own Quad?

No we only hire our quads out under our supervision and instruction. This is for Insurance Reasons. 


Is Quad Biking and Lazer Wars weather permitting? 

Quads: No not really, the quads are enjoyed by most people when its raining and the ground is mucky. We do not allow any persons on the quads when there is ice or snow on the tracks, this is for Health and Safety reasons. 

Lazer Wars: This is usually played in the forest, so you will barely notice it rain or snow because of the overhead branches. 


Can you play Lazer Wars while driving Quads?

Although this may sound like great fun, Its too dangerous and insurance will not cover this.